Bringing NFTs to Tezos.


Kalamint Introduction

Create, sell and collect NFTs on Tezos with Kalamint. Kalamint is the new marketplace for NFTs on Tezos! The platform will let users create/mint NFTs native to Tezos using the FA2 token standard. It will also enable buying and selling NFTs. It was important to us that we represent our users, creators! With that in mind, we wanted the name to represent ‘ freshness’ and ‘colour’, so we chose the word Calamint. Calamint is any aromatic Eurasian plant of the genus Satureja (or Calamintha), having clusters of purple or pink flowers. With that in place, we thought it would be clever to introduce a small change in the original spelling and modify it to ‘Kalamint’. ‘Kala’ represents art, in almost all of the languages native to the Indian subcontinent. The original root lies in Sanskrit. In all, Kalamint aims to represent art, freshness, and colour!

Kalamint Investors