Kartik Garg

Kartik Garg

Achiever, Traveller, Thinker.


Kartik Garg Introduction

Kartik Garg is Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Ethereum Advocate, The Modern Nomad. Globe-trotter with entrepreneurial experience that knows no borders. Looking forward to hearing your pitch, make it better than my morning ace in the court. I chose to step away from my cushioned family business ground and entered the uneven economies of African markets. After a difficult but rewarding year in Nigeria, I grabbed an opportunity in the middle-east. A few gruelling years and today, there’s a ferro alloys plant in a remote free-zone, along with backward integrating operations by mining in Africa. While I automate my current ventures, I have tossed some calculated coins into the blockchain well, filled with various crypto startups.

Kartik Garg Portfolio