Ken Fromm, Managing Director of BuildETH.

Ken Fromm

Managing Director of BuildETH.

Ken Fromm Introduction

Ken Fromm is the managing partner of BuildETH, a venture that evangelizes blockchain application and infrastructure development via producing hackathons, workshops, training sessions, and conferences. He also works with and/or advise several Ethereum-based apps and infrastructure companies on platform marketing, developer outreach, and network growth. He also works with the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance as an evangelist, working as a liaison and point of contact for the special interest groups and coordinating content programming, training, and events. He has long been leading the charge of major IT and Internet trends starting with the early days, Web 2.0, Cloud Computing, Serverless Processing, and, most recently, Blockchain and Decentralized Application Development. In the past 25+ years, he has co-founded several pioneering firms including Vivid Studios, one of the first interactive web agencies; Loomia, a standard-setting Web 2.0 recommendation and personalization company; and, creators of the first serverless processing processing platforms. At each company, he was instrumental in establishing new product categories, building markets where none existed, landing key reference customers, developing well-respected brands, hiring and training personnel, and creating strong company cultures. In the beginning of each company, his roles encompassed key areas of marketing, product development, customer success, and corporate operations. As the companies grew, he recruited leaders and key staff to build out each department. He is skilled in new market creation, customer development, capital-efficient marketing, product development, brand development, content marketing, and technical evangelism. Above all, he brings the ability to see and build the future, the hard work to roll up his sleeves and get things done, and the relationships within media, web, cloud, blockchain, and IT industries to turn ideas into world-changing organizations and IT categories.

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