Kenny Rowe

Kenny Rowe

Building Urbit, PM & founding team at MakerDAO.

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Kenny Rowe Introduction

Kenny Rowe, Building Urbit, PM & founding team at MakerDAO. Formerly Chief Operations Officer at RChain, Holistic Technologist. I live part time in the future. Tlon. MakerDAO. Rchain Cooperative. CoinFund. Aragon.

He is a co-founder of the MakerDAO project, long-time influencer in the crypto-community and friend of RChain.

The work that Kenny has done while leading operations of MakerDAO team and their stablecoin project has set the standard for what sustainable governance process’ look like within distributed organizations. He also advises the Aragon project and has gained a lot through engageing with there DAO-building project.

Kenny will now take this expertise and apply it to the organizational model that is the RChain Cooperative in order to help synchronize the legal structure, the community-governance process’ and the blockchain enabled applications that are unique to this model.

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