Kong Land

Kong Land

Physical Crypto.


Kong Land Introduction

Anthrosociety is increasingly taking place not in physical locations, but rather digital forums. For the past decade these forums have been hosted, moderated and controlled by interests that are prone to arbitrary censorship, and whose existence requires harvesting immense data in diametric opposition to the privacy of their users. Public key cryptography and distributed networks now allow for direct human coordination, free from moderation by centralized institutions. Crypto-organization at scale has been proposed for years, but only now are we realizing DAOs as functional governing bodies with tens of thousands of members controlling billions USD in assets. We're now at a tipping point where DAOs are scaling membership and resources in juxtaposition to traditional corporate and state structures. One of the biggest challenges for DAOs is the digital to physical barrier. KONG Land is founded on the principle that DAOs need to exist in the physical realm and that requires strong cryptographic guarantees about people, objects and spaces. We believe that physical crypto assets enable everyone to participate in these new forms of organization without perfect technical sophistication. KONG Land is intended not to be solely a DAO itself, but rather a DAO of DAOs, or digital state of them, wherein the primary export are physical crypto tools and products and services built upon them. At inception, KONG Land will export cryptoassets for projects like stablecoins, identities and art. It will provide SiLo chips at cost to projects that supply a portion of their governance token to the KONG Land treasury. Given sufficient funds, it will ultimately seek to continue research around more secure forms of physical crypto assets. In some cases KONG Land will interact with tradcorps in order to source and produce materiel, and it will affect entites to achieve those end. Importantly KONG Land will consider and evaluate key storage devices by their origin and manufacture in order to create an indepedent registry of roots of trust.

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