KSM Starter

KSM Starter

Primary launchpad on Kusama network.


KSM Starter Introduction

KSM Starter is the primary launchpad on Kusama network. KSM Starter believes in a fair, transparent, community- driven IDO selection. Through the KST DAO, all KST token holders can become an early supporter of a project by voting in favour of the IDO and receiving allocation incentives. On top of holding the KST token, IDO participants are incentivised with higher allocation win rate by holding any of the previous IDO tokens. It creates an ecosystem of IDO projects that can benefit from others’ success, rather than compete. KSM Starter creates a community of collaborative contributors. Any projects that has done an IDO on KSM Starter earns membership in the KST Ecosystem Council. Composed of both established projects and emerging projects built on Substrate, the ecosystem provides early support for emerging projects through the expertise of the established projects.

KSM Starter Investors