Lancelot, 10x your SAFTs return.


10x your SAFTs return.

Lancelot Introduction

Lancelot is the first and only SAFT tracker built for DeFi. It is an institutional SAFT tracker and DeFi gateway for crypto funds to automatically track and claim their vestings. Early-stage token investing promises faster liquidity opportunity and asymmetric risk/high multiple ROI. However, early-stage tokens are not liquid and have poor access to DeFi. Most crypto funds are not equipped to address the complexities of vesting & DeFi tracking, resulting in millions lost in unrealized returns. To solve the challenges of liquidity and access to DeFi, Lancelot has built the first intelligent platform to track and claim vested tokens with easy access to DeFi, in collaboration with some of the most active crypto funds.

Lancelot Team

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