LayerTwo Labs, Making every transaction, a Bitcoin txn.

LayerTwo Labs

Making every transaction, a Bitcoin txn.

LayerTwo Labs Introduction

LayerTwo Labs is making every transaction, a Bitcoin txn. Our mission is to eliminate all Altcoin and Fiat transactions, leaving only Bitcoin (and its associated freedom and prosperity). We need layers, if we want Bitcoin to have privacy, scale, and versatility. At L2L, we will not rest until every use-case is possible with Bitcoin - no user will be turned away. First, we will focus on the Bip300 sidechain. We have 6 sidechain-designs in development already, including two which are exact clones of Ethereum and zCash (but BTC-only). These allow for immediate global scale, easy-to-use impenetrable privacy, and total protocol flexibility. 21 Million Bitcoin - Infinite possibilities. Second, we plan to improve Bitcoin's UX. It must be easy to use Bitcoin the right way (with one's own node and keys). This will require a revolution in UX and Education -- a revolution we aim to bring about. Nodes will be easy to run, and do useful things that anyone can understand and appreciate. Third, we are working on a few high-risk, high-reward problems. (These include prediction markets and a resurrected Namecoin.) These services will (if they are successful) revolutionize media/telecommunications... just as Bitcoin revolutionized Banking. Privacy, extensibility, scale, infighting, and UX - all of these problems will be child's play, once we live in a world where developers compete aggressively for user's coins. We call upon all members of the Bitcoin community to support the development and implementation of these technologies. In turn, we plan to help businesses and institutions adopt these technologies and integrate them into their operations. By working together, we can help ensure the continued growth and success of Bitcoin.

LayerTwo Labs Team