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Learnoverse Introduction

Learnoverse is the 1st ever open crypto learning metaverse. BitDegree is launching Learnoverse - the crypto learning metaverse. Following our mission to become the #1 crypto educator, we will provide crypto education for the crypto community with crypto tools. Metaverse is the culmination of what we have built until now. Remember gamification? Your profile will automatically become an NFT avatar that you own and can personalize with enhancement NFTs, and when you roam through the world we have created - it represents your crypto specialities. Remember blockchain certificates? Well, NFT certificates are more valuable and will be added to your NFT avatar. Blockchain scholarship? What about Learn&Earn tokenomics? - get rewarded for all of your learning efforts! And also, we are solving a huge problem for instructors, 99% of whom fail to earn substantial income from teaching - the Learn&Earn tokenomics will pay them for their content consumption without forcing users to pay. Finally, by creating a virtual world, we present a visual content map that transforms learning discovery into an exciting journey and creates demand for the best location, increasing its value.

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