Interactive Experience Exhibition.


LeCube Introduction

LeCube, Interactive Experience Exhibition Leads The New Trend Of LEGO Build And NFT Creation. Independent of centralized server support, NFT becomes a more durable digital collection In LeCube, whether it is to generate the NFT code or create the visual image in the NFT, it is directly created and stored using Ethereum’s smart contract. Therefore, the NFT created by LeCube ultimately gets rid of the dependence on centralized servers, making NFT a digital collection of a longer lifetime. LeCube NFT lifetime is proportional to the same of the Ethereum network. Created entirely by the community, NFT becomes a more vibrant Digital Art LeCube is committed to becoming an utterly open user UGC community. From the Cubes output and Cube composing to NFT creation, all the way until the community thoroughly completes the entire process. Compared with the mode of officially producing content and providing sales services, the user UGC community has a more diversified perspective. It can create richer content and burst out more substantial users’ self-propagation willingness. In the well-known UGC community of Lego (LEGO), creators worldwide continue to inspire each other, inspire high-quality content and fresh gameplay. Although this is an old brand, which has been established nearly 100 years ago, it continues to glow with vitality. In the LeCube community, NFTs created by community users will also more easily resonate with other community members, thereby forming a broader and stronger consensus on the work. At the same time, in LeCube, not only professional artists or talented creators can enjoy the fun of creation. LeCube’s original citation section will significantly reduce the difficulty of creating NFT works. A large number of ordinary users can make secondary creations by quoting NFT works created by others. The cited author will enjoy the benefits of copyright quotations. It is conceivable that the more famous NFT creations are made, the more benefits will be gained. The more famous creations are adopted, the easier it is to create high-quality works. This section will realize a positive cycle, continuously strengthen the community’s consensus on NFT creations, and make NFT more vital.

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