Legendao, Bringing all legendary creators into the Cosmos.


Bringing all legendary creators into the Cosmos.


Legendao Introduction

Legendao is a first of its kind NFT platform, designed to be a Mint Lab for top creators, and a unique kind of immersive experience for collectors, whereby the users can make proposals and vote on future development and improvement of the platform. It’s a mixed-in and out-of-universe experience with its own backstory, where users start with a unique avatar (a baseline NFT). Avatars grow stronger over time and obtain loot boxes in their journey (either by direct purchase or by earning them). Loot boxes contain $LGND tokens, the in-universe currency, item-NFTs that help your avatar grow, whitelist spots for major upcoming drops, or unique NFTs from current or prior partner collections. Bringing all legendary creators into the Cosmos. The immersive Mint Lab for all significant NFT projects. Focused on Cosmos, powered by Secret Network and Secret NFTs. Legendao is a play-to-mint NFT platform. The platform is set as its own universe, providing users with a gamified experience allowing them to obtain unique and exclusive NFT content.