Providing liquidity when and where needed.

LiFi Introduction

Li.Finance is a mesh of aggregated cross-chain liquidity networks and protocols to power next-gen DeFi projects with superior UX by making liquidity available when needed. For starters: Think of LiFi as a 1inch for cross-chain liquidity networks (Connext, Hop, Thorchain, Anyswap, Ren, RouterProtocol, etc..). The Future is multi chain with Ethereum being the biggest player. Cross-chain bridging solutions will play a major role in future DeFi-Enablement and Layer 2 adoption. Aggregation will pave the way for mass adoption of layer 2 and the multi-chain environment we'll live in, benefitting the whole ecosystem. Protocols like Connext and Hop are focusing on bridging liquidity between EVM based chains and layer 2 scaling solutions, while Thorchain, Anyswap and others are focusing on bridging to different layer 1s. They all need to fill large liquidity pools and come at different levels of speed, security and trust. It will also take a lot of time for them to get up to speed supporting true any-to-any swaps across chains. Users always need to find a way to get their funds from A to B and have almost no clarity about which solution or bridge to take. Dapp developers are suffering from a lot of communication overhead, trying to teach their users how to use their products and which bridges to take. A lot of friction and reduced conversion rates. A data mesh of cross-chain liquidity sources: networks, DEXes and liquidity providers: Aggregate cross-chain liquidity pools like Connext, Hop, RouterProtocol, Thorchain, Chainflip, Anyswap, etc. and make sure to always know their liquidity pools. On top of that, connect to all DEXes and DEX aggregators like 1inch on all chains to be able to to facilitate any-to-any swaps. For arbitrageurs and the impatient user, allow to connect to lending protocols on spot.

LiFi Team

Max Klenk
Philipp Zentner