Strong authentication made fast and simple.


LoginID Introduction

LoginID is a fast approach to add secure, FIDO-certified biometrics to your website, application or service. Introduce frictionless registration, authentication, and transaction validation on your website or app and increase your conversion rates by up to 24%. Our highly secure solution enables customers to use biometrics on device hardware that meets FIDO2 security standards, and supports cross-device authentication. With no downloads or plugins required, you can integrate multifactor authentication in just a few lines of code through an API/SDK. Reduce time and money on developing and maintaining proprietary solutions while mitigating risk of compromised customer accounts. Configure a simple, fast, and highly secure multifactor authentication tool into any website or eCommerce integration through your management dashboard. Enable your customers to use biometrics on any of their devices that meets FIDO2 security standards. Legislation is cracking down on weak security. Strong authentication supports privacy compliance, thereby allowing you to meet the requirements of payments regulation (e.g. the PSD2) and privacy laws (such as the GDPR). Our FIDO authentication solution allows you to easily integrate the most secure biometric user authentication across all major platforms and browsers. With no passwords to lose or hack, our solution helps you eliminate vulnerabilities and protect users and your system against account takeovers, phishing, sim swap attacks, and man-in-the-middle attacks.

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