Manuel Garcia

Manuel Garcia

CEO at BootNode.


Manuel Garcia Introduction

Manuel García is CEO at Formerly CTO at Protofire. I spent the last 15+ years working at the intersection of business and software innovation. I've seen how the latter can change the way existing and completely new organizations behave and create value. I am responsible for helping token-based startups with protocol and smart contract engineering. My experience spans through Software Development, Project Management, Product Management and CTO. Being a Certified Scrum Master and Agile practices advocate, I was involved in all stages of creating software products: from project kick-off to deployment and maintenance. In particular, I worked for software factories, as well as consultancy, CRM, Blockchain, e-commerce and e-payment platform companies. You can come across me in both Argentina and California, so drop me a line if you need assistance with your Blockchain or extreme agile development. Specialties: Ethereum, Blockchain, Token Mechanics, Agile Product Discovery, Agile Project Management, Web 2.0, e-commerce, startups technology partnership and Cloud Foundry Platform as a Service

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