Marek Palatinus

Marek Palatinus

Slush, CEO and Head IT Architect at Satoshi Labs.


Marek Palatinus Introduction

Marek Palatinus, also known as slush, is the inventor of the bitcoin mining pool concept and operator of the Slush’s mining pool, designer of the lightweight Stratum protocol and the core programmer of TREZOR. With nearly 15 years experience in IT, Marek has co-developed several successful internet startups and worked as an enterprise architect for one of the largest banks in Central Europe. Since his introduction to Bitcoin in 2010, he has dedicated his entire time to developing useful services and tools that can make bitcoin widely adopted. He is the CEO and Head IT Architect at Satoshi Labs, which is responsible for building some of the most widely used Bitcoin products (such as TREZOR, Slush Pool, and Coinmap).

Marek Palatinus Work Experience