Mark Beacom

Mark Beacom

Core developer at Gitcoin.

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Mark Beacom Introduction

Mark Beacom is Core developer at Gitcoin. DevOps Consultant specializing in cloud computing solutions.

I have over a decade of experience in software development and operations. I started my development career in the military and branched out into the healthcare industry, primarily working with C# and .NET.

After getting a taste of corporate culture and cubicle life, I decided to take the plunge into the world of startups. Working as a backend engineer and lead devops engineer, I braved numerous languages, but have a soft spot for Python and Go. While perusing Lemonade Stand for sustainable open source initiatives, I found the Gitcoin community. I began to work on bounties in my free time. Gitcoin aids developers by providing them with a platform to contribute to the open source community as well as giving them an alternative source of income. I believe deeply in Gitcoin and feel passionate about helping facilitate the growth of open source software.

After experiencing the rigidity and siloed aspect of corporate culture, wading in startups, and contributing to open source software, it is refreshing to be a part of an open source community that is so eager and engaged.

As a member of Gitcoin’s team, I will be focusing on feature planning, development, and code review of contributions to Gitcoin. As Gitcoin navigates it’s way from being Kevin Owocki’s side project to a full-fledged marketplace for software projects, we are focused on maintaining code standards and improving testing procedures for Gitcoin Core. I’ll lead the effort to move in this direction.

Mark Beacom Work Experience

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