Mars Labs, Create the key that unlocks a new world!

Mars Labs

Create the key that unlocks a new world!

Mars Labs Introduction

Mars Token (MRST) is issued by Polygon Chain, the Layer 2 platform of Ethereum. MRST is used as the key currency of Mars: Metaverse. It is initially supplied with 5 billion, and up to 1 billion in the first year of the metaverse gameplay. The issuance volume decreases every year, with up to 500 million from the 6th year as long as the service is live. Players can use MRST for metaverse gameplay and other activities, such as item sales, advertisement, B2B content, and other platform-related activities. Mars Labs is creating a global metaverse game platform based on the theme of the red planet. Players can enjoy almost every activity inside the Colony of Mars, such as owning real estate, playing sports, and interacting with others. The core team has successfully launched Web 3.0 NFT projects, including the Martians PFP and MRST Mining Pet NFTs. Also, a token mining game, 'MRST Mining App' has reached over 1.1M+ downloads.

Mars Labs Investors