Matt Shapiro

Matt Shapiro

Partner at Multicoin Capital.

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Matt Shapiro Introduction

Matt Shapiro is Partner at Multicoin Capital.

I'm currently a Partner at Multicoin Capital where I work closely with limited partners, generate investment ideas, and manage daily responsibilities of due diligence, strategy and negotiations as a senior member of the investment team.

Previously, I was a Vice President in the investment banking group at Teneo, specializing in raising institutional capital around specific investment theses, management teams and assets across a range of industries. While at Teneo, I focused on constructing transactions that aligned the interests of disparate parties while maximizing returns for all stakeholders. My experience around incentive structures attracted me to the underlying mechanics of cryptoassets and how they enable various parties to trustlessly engage in diverse and complex transactions.

I am based in New York City and hold a degree in Finance and International Business from the University of Maryland.

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