Matt Zipkin

Matt Zipkin

Lead Developer at Impervious.


Matt Zipkin Introduction

Matt Zipkin joined the Bitcoin community in 2013, bought his first coins from Mt. Gox, and withdrew them to his own Bitcoin Core full node. In 2015 he produced the first Bitcoin Block Clock (a not-boring full node) and entered the cryptocurrency art scene, selling Bitcoin Block Clocks on OpenBazaar, the decentralized marketplace platform. After a 15-year career in audio engineering, he joined in 2018 and started a new full-time career developing Bitcoin software. As part of the Purse team, Matthew also contributed to the Handshake core protocol implementations hsd and hnsd. Since the mainnet launch of the Handshake blockchain, he has been one of the top contributors to the Handshake ecosystem and community. Matthew also continues to contribute to the Bitcoin community, offering support for bcoin, reviewing pull requests to Bitcoin Core, and educating new users on Stack Exchange.

Matt Zipkin Work Experience