Menai Financial Group

Menai Financial Group

Bridging Established and Digital Finance.


Menai Financial Group Introduction

Menai Financial Group is bridging established and digital finance to build the investment bank of the future. Through the development of market and investment infrastructure in the digital asset space, Menai is unlocking the full potential of this emerging asset class. Founded in 2020, Menai is comprised of two business units: Menai Markets, a global market-making platform, and Menai Finance, institutional-grade investment products—each provides essential infrastructure to make digital asset markets secure, resilient and efficient. Menai is paving the way for a more inclusive era in finance through frictionless banking, in which anyone with access to the internet can also access basic financial services including storing, processing and transferring value: Connecting worlds by developing modern solutions through legacy-based strengths. The group's experience and expertise span both established and digital finance: the Leadership Team includes Zoe Cruz, Julio Garcia, Shubin Jha, Laya Khadjavi, Amit Khandelwal, Jinal Surti and Marc Vesecky, and the Advisory Board is comprised of Phil Duff, Bruce Hemphill and Stefan Thomas.

Menai Financial Group Portfolio