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MetaKing Studios

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MetaKing Studios Introduction

MetaKing Studios consists of a team of gamers and strong collaborative creators who love creating fun games above all else. The studio began small, however, now includes a team of more than 100 talented people spanning 8 different countries. Their skilled creators and technologists are globally-recognized, dedicated to using technology to create enjoyable experiences people love and can share together to help improve lives by having fun. MetaKing Studios aims to revolutionize the strategy genre, with its flagship game BLOCKLORDS, the world’s first MMO grand strategy game powered by web3. Developed by an expert team of artists, designers, and developers who come from studios including EA, Ubisoft, Paradox, Creative Assembly and worked with Lucasfilm, Universal, Netflix & Apple, BLOCKLORDS is an immersive multiplayer experience with an innovative approach to narrative that will enable players to craft their unique stories in a shared universe. Players will be able to discover multiple storylines across the medieval metaverse and be given the freedom to shape their kingdoms to the highest level.

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