Method Finance

Method Finance MTHD

Unlock the future of liquidity mining with the Method NFT Vault.

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Method Finance Introduction

Method Finance, Unlock the future of liquidity mining with the Method NFT Vault.

In the case of Method Finance, we saw an opportunity to leverage NFTs to solve the current problems that will enable even more adoption within the space and fundamentally shift the way we prove our loyalty to protocols through liquidity mining.

Our Method NFT by leveraging ERC-721 contracts (the same standard used by the popular CryptoKitties). Through our Method NFT, Liquidity Providers can stake liquidity to their NFT, which then proves they are providing liquidity and should earn rewards, without needing to stake directly into a protocol’s smart contract. This makes it a win-win for legitimate providers and protocols, while increasing confidence in the DeFi ecosystem.

Furthermore, our tools provide other benefits such as the ability to: Liquidity mine across multiple protocols simultaneously; Signal liquidity availability to interested parties in a rapid manner; Create a trusted identity around the NFT owner or the NFT itself; And all of this while retaining custody and self-sovereignty over assets.

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