Mike Jarmuz

Mike Jarmuz

General Partner at Lightning Ventures.


Mike Jarmuz Introduction

Mike Jarmuz is General Partner at Lightning Ventures, a syndicate and fund exclusively dedicated to investing in Bitcoin companies with the goal of supporting Lightning Network adoption worldwide. I'm an early Bitcoiner and a jack of all trades sort of fella. I still own a small cafe on the Lower East Side (Flowers Cafe) and still maintain a NY Real Estate Broker's license. My partner Tone Vays and I have an annual Bitcoin conference (Unconfiscatable) in Las Vegas and that keeps us pretty busy for part of the year. I'm also lucky to be advising and working with an incredible company called Azteco. I'm a very active investor (1000+ companies) and am creating a dataset and investment strategy I have appropriately titled "Piking." No royal pedigree or ivy league education for me, ended up on a different path. I'm a music business veteran with 10+ years in various areas of the industry. Boutique independent concert promoter in multiple southwest US markets. Owned, operated and worked with countless indie record labels over the years developing artists. Partner of Boxcar Music Management (The Format) on Elektra/WEA. Co-Founder of AMJ Concerts. Previous Partner at CAP Concerts (Corey Adams Presents) & The World Famous NILE THEATRE (Mesa, AZ). Former General Manager and Booking Agent for Modified Arts Venue & Gallery (Phoenix, AZ). I am a lifelong entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in a broad range of industries. Lover of all small businesses! I have personally owned a retail clothing store, flower shop, bar, cafe, and, music venue. I also have related experience in healthcare technology, event management, ticketing, nightlife, venue/theatre operations, talent buying, concert & music production, sound engineering, lighting design, catering, travel, tour management, e-commerce, screen-printing, merchandising, real estate, transportation, grassroots marketing, personal finance, marketing, and business consulting.

Mike Jarmuz Work Experience