Mike Purvis

Mike Purvis

Builder at CRONCAT.


Mike Purvis Introduction

Mike Purvis is Fan of writing, blockchain, DOTA 2. Puppet master at NEAR Protocol. In this moment either contemplating or actively turning my dog's ear right-side-in. I got my Computer Science degree in beautiful Hawaii. Since then I've worked with a lot of technologies. In the web list are a couple PHP frameworks (Drupal and Laravel), Django, Angular, Vue, Node… On the application side, I've recently worked with reactive Kotlin Android application for a year and really enjoyed that project. Enjoyed building an API with Golang, too. Used Lua for a hobby app published to the App Store and Google Play, and made a native Windows Phone app in C#. I enjoy piecing together AWS infrastructure pieces like Lambda, API Gateway, and RDS for hobby projects like a custom Slackbot. I attend blockchain Meetups and am passionate about ERC-20 tokens like Basic Attention Token and stablecoins. Interested to continue learning Solidity for Ethereum smart contracts and dApp development, whether that be hobby or for professional use is yet to be determined. My most recent side project is in C# and is a fun exercise in information theory, but that's a whole conversation.

Mike Purvis Work Experience