Michael Hua

Michael Hua

Investment Analyst at 1kx.


Michael Hua Introduction

Michael Hua, aka Mikey 0x, is researcher at 1kx, Co-Founder of Block49 Capital, Fun Stuff at Analyst DAO and DAO Pulse. Formerly at Deloitte. Crypto-networks create unprecedented incentive alignments between endogenous and exogenous parties while simultaneously removing the meatspace bottleneck by serving digitally-native processes. The perceived potential impact of blockchain is influenced by the media's coverage of skeuomorphic applications, yet primitives such as non-fungible tokens are re-defining key use cases including shared conditional ownership and sociality. The longstanding effect of crypto-networks will supersede Web 2.0's multi-decade reign. Volatility is an outcome of aggregate uncertainty and a prelude to individual opportunity.

Michael Hua Work Experience