Mind Fund

Mind Fund

Ride the next wave of global change towards a breakthrough future for humanity.


Mind Fund Introduction

Mind Fund’s ongoing mission is to be a group of investors that provide breakthrough capital to companies riding the next wave of global change into a positive future for humanity. Our focus is not limited by geography or by the stage of the company. We are global investors, backing great leaders anywhere in the world from East to West at any stage of their adventure and their company’s growth from incubation to IPO and beyond towards global success. Early on we led a Series A stage financing round and provided hands on Incubation to the Founders of Flipagram which merged in an all share swap into Bytedance which as of May 2020 is one of the most valuable private Startup company in the world valued at USD$100BN The core team of Flipagram enabled Bytedance to launch the social video app TikTok which was the number two most downloaded App in the United States in 2019. In January 2017, Mind Fund received investment from Digital Garage a Tokyo and San Francisco based public company that trades on the main board of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Together we established the Global Incubation Stream together in 2017 and invited partner incubation companies from around the world to join the network. All partners have agreed to collaborate to expand the global reach of each partner. The goal is to support the companies in each other’s portfolios to help them rapidly expand into new markets and to become global companies.

Mind Fund Portfolio