Mirae Asset Capital

Mirae Asset Capital

Leading opportunities in a new investment paradigm.


Mirae Asset Capital Introduction

Mirae Asset Capital invests in businesses worldwide to promote industries creating new growth with expertise built on investment technique and reputation of the nation's authoritative, Mirae Asset Financial Group. With a long-term and leading approach, Mirae Asset Capital does more than maximize return on investment. We revitalize economic dynamism in the Republic of Korea, and seek to contribute to the national economy as a socially responsible company. Utilizing innovative capital collaboratively created with our domestic strategic investment partners, Mirae Asset Capital invests in enterprises in Korea and abroad that power growth at the center of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. New growth investments are managed and operated as venture business investment associations under the Specialized Credit Finance Business Act, or as private equity companies compliant with the law of capital markets and financial investment companies.

Mirae Asset Capital Portfolio