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Mnemonic is the first NFT intelligence platform. Start building powerful, scalable NFT applications in minutes with Mnemonic data. Mnemonic’s NFT intelligence platform provides discovery, analytics, and insight capabilities to innovators in the NFT space. NFTs are already flipping the script on longstanding systems of ownership and empowering creatives and brands to engage fans in new ways. This is just the very beginning. We believe the future potential of NFTs extends far beyond what we can possibly imagine today and we look forward to building that future together with you. We simplify the increasingly-complex task of reading, searching, aggregating and analyzing data on the chain, so developers can bring better products to market faster. By empowering the innovators, we’re empowering the people. Our mission is to help unlock the infinite potential of this new technology by providing innovators in the NFT space with complete, just-in-time NFT intelligence.

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