Help users become smart digital currency investors.

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Morecoin Introduction

Morecoin is a one-stop digital asset service platform, which was established in October 2018, focusing on the application and innovation of blockchain technology in the financial field, and has been in the forefront of the industry in the R&D and commercial application of blockchain technology.

Morecoin takes the lead in realizing the free pre-sale and repurchase between users, and solves the problem of pledge default in traditional Internet finance which only relies on credit as the basis of financing. It also introduces functions such as bitcoin installment purchase and currency price protection, which is an important innovation of digital asset allocation in the industry.

In July 2020, the currency trading plate will be launched, gathering the depth of the world's famous exchanges, with complete currency and quick transaction. In September, strategic trading was officially launched to help users build a diversified and risk diversified portfolio, providing users with flexible and transparent digital asset management configuration.

At present, the platform has been in stable operation for nearly two years, the number of transactions of digital asset matching business is the top three in China, and the safe payment rate of the platform is 100%. The business segment covers market news, aggregate trading, currency staging, currency financing, lending, flash cash and strategic trading, basically forming a digital asset finance ecological closed loop, greatly reducing the user's participation threshold and investment cost, providing users with convenient and fast one-stop digital asset financial services, and helping users become smart digital currency investors.

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