MOVE AI, Digitising Movement For Digital Life.


Digitising Movement For Digital Life.

MOVE AI Introduction

MOVE AI, capture high quality motion data from video in any environment using mobile phones. Game changing high fidelity markerless motion capture, powered by computer vision and machine learning. No more suits! Our vision is to democratise content creation and enable immersive experiences in virtual worlds. Our mission is to deliver the fastest & most authentic 3D animation with next generation tools for video games, films & social media studios. We’ve launched our new cloud-based markerless MoCap platform, which enables content studios to access production-grade MoCap via their desktops instead of expensive MoCap studios, cumbersome bodysuits or time-consuming keyframe animation. We empower creators to manage the end-to-end process entirely, from creative conception to final content delivery. Performance can be captured with ease and simplicity using an inexpensive, light setup of 4-8 off-the-shelf action cameras. The final output provides more authentic humanistic movement than ever before - all the way to finger level detail.

MOVE AI Investors