Niko Klansek, Co-Founder at Objects of Desire, HashMark.

Niko Klansek

Co-Founder at Objects of Desire, HashMark.

Niko Klansek Introduction

Niko Klanšek is Co-Founder at Objects of Desire and HashMark, the serial entrepreneur, consultant and investor, was an online guest at a lecture given by Prof. Dr. Boštjan Antončič at the course Entrepreneurship in the international undergraduate program in May 2022. The guest presented his entrepreneurial journey and experience with entrepreneurship. Niko Klanšek co-founded several successful startups, have completed two exits, helped launch more than 100 successful Kickstarter projects, invested in multiple startups and DAOs, and served as president of a professional basketball club. He paid a special attention to the presentation of crowdfunding and the metaverse. Niko Klanšek is the founder of BizMe, an advisory and investment firm based in New York, co-founder of HashMark, a creative collective focusing on blockchain projects, and founder of Kenmare, a web3 investment DAO.

Niko Klansek Work Experience