Obsidian Systems

Obsidian Systems

Software consultancy specializing in haskell, nix, curiosity, and innovation.


Obsidian Systems Introduction

Ali and Ryan started Obsidian Systems in 2014, after graduating from Harvard Law and spending a few years working with tech startups in Boston and New York. The waste we saw during those years convinced us that there had to be a better way to build products, and this conviction is part of everything we do at Obsidian. It informs our technology choices and our investments in open source. Most importantly, it effects how we build products. We build, invest in, and select technologies that have the potential to drastically improve the way products are built. We use the Haskell programming language because it is the future of coding, and we use Nix to reliably build and package our projects for desktop and mobile. Where tools or libraries are lacking, we build the right solution rather than settle for less.

Obsidian Systems Investors