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Founding Father of FreeSociety. Very early Bitcoin adopter. Lifelong libertarian. Entrepreneur and investor. Since Olivier was 5 years old, he always had a huge attraction towards computers. School was boring and mind numbing. Olivier studied IT & Business until he dropped out at 18 years and started working at UUnet, one of the first ISP’s in Belgium. After being offered the job of field engineer, Olivier decided to move forward to Easynet and ended up doing his last ‘paid’ job as a project engineer at Sun Microsystems. Several years later Olivier started his own software development company, and developed some hugely successful websites. Olivier has always had an interest in libertarian and voluntarist ideas, and realised that, to bring the internet to the next level, we needed a kind of virtual gold. Unfortunately it wasn’t until 2010 that he found out about Bitcoin, and he immediately jumped on it and embraced its idea. The concept was exactly what was needed to bring about a peaceful virtual world. As a result, Olivier ended up mining a lot of bitcoins, but also lost many during MtGox’s demise. It is during that time that he became more active in the community and decided to sponsor and invest in any projects.

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