OnFinance, AI-driven insights investing for stocks & cryptocurrencies.


AI-driven insights investing for stocks & cryptocurrencies.

OnFinance Introduction

OnFinance is an AI-backed super app for investments providing real-time investment insights for stocks & cryptocurrencies simplifying investments decision making. Aim is to increase and democratize financial literacy. Built by a team of BITSians! We're backed by Forbes serial entrepreneurs and fintech market leaders based out of the US and India. We're building a one stop solution to investing by providing all the news, information, analysis, discussions and insights for a particular stock or crypto at one place. We at OnFinance help you to make better and reliable investment and trading decisions with the help of Artificial Intelligence & NLP powered market insights. We are first in India to decode the real-time financial content (market news, articles, tweets, research papers, blogs, fundamental data, technical data, peer comparison data, alternative data, social media discussions, broker recommendations) available in order to provide you with the most accurate and intelligent market insights and analytics adhering to the latest trends and usecases of the financial markets. The app aggregates investment insights and analytics pertaining to financial content from more than 500+ sources spread over 100+ finance related events and generates a qualitative & quantitative analysis of the topic, the financial entity and event it talks about, the market trends and impact and even the integrity of the content along with personalization of your feed and alerts accordingly providing with ample learning resources. Solving the issues related to: - Financial Content Humongous Volume - Financial Content Interpretability and Actionability - Financial Content Personalization - Financial Content Biasness and Noise We are aiming to increase the financial investments and web3 literacy amongst common folks (retail investors) across the globe.