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OPET (Open Foundation) aims to create a decentralized blockchain-inspired tutor environment to provide a faster, better, and innovative method of learning in this modern society. The project uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide students with an alternative type of learning via technology that can help them perform better in ther National Exams, which is pre-college requirment. The Opet solution provides an affordable digital private tutor that students can use to revise effectively their examination via a gamified interactive chatbot. It also has the ability to record accurately all the important information that students can use as a preparation to the college admissions. Opet use artificial intelligence via a digital companion chatbot to bring a gamified and interactive learning experience to the students. Opet focuses on creating digital platform where students can revise and access recommendations of suitsable tertiary instituions. Opet works by capturing the data of the student by providing the right incentive for a particular user to do so. As an intelliget personalized digital tutor, Opet has the ability to formulate a learning style for a particular user and provide recommendations via the information and data gathered from social media footprint activities of the user. Opet utiizes the integration of Artificial Intelligence to accurately revert the needed recommendations.

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