panther, Step into Private DeFi.


Step into Private DeFi.

panther Introduction

Panther Protocol provides DeFi users with interoperable, fully collateralized privacy enhancing digital assets, leveraging zkSNARK technology and offering a novel price discovery mechanism for privacy. Users are able to mint zero knowledge zAssets by depositing digital assets from any blockchain into Panther vaults and using these zAssets across a full range of DeFi applications. Restore financial privacy, protect your alpha and individual freedoms with interoperable zero knowledge assets. Due to the immutable and transparent nature of public blockchains, DeFi users are subject to surveillance and economic espionage. ‍ There is no privacy on-chain. Retail, institutional traders and whales risk losing their competitive advantages by having their transaction history observed, strategies reverse engineered and front run, rapidly turning their alpha into obsolete tactics.

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