Solving liquidity for crypto markets.

ParaSwap Introduction

Best prices out of multiple decentralized exchanges. A decentralized exchange that solves the DEX market inefficiencies by aggregating multiple liquidity networks. We want to help the DeFi space reach new heights! ParaSwap offers a simple, fast and safe way to exchange Ethereum-native tokens by pooling together the liquidity from many decentralised services in one unique interface. It is a middleware layer connecting wallets and traders to digital assets. Key facts: -We raised $5.7M since our creation, gathering over 33 investors including big names in the crypto industry. Among the list are CoinGecko, a cryptocurrency price comparison website, Blockchain Capital, a venture firm in the blockchain space, and Stani Kulechov, the founder of DeFi protocol Aave. -Our stack is based on cutting-edge technologies: Solidity, Vyper, Layer 2 solutions (Starkware, zkSync,..), TypeScript, Node.js, React, Redis, Go, Rust... -We are an international team based around the globe, all working fully remotely, using English as main language.

ParaSwap Team

Mounir Benchemled