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PathDAO is a community-first, decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that creates value for investors and players in the growing blockchain metaverse (game + social + NFTs). PathDAO wants to be the SuperIndex of Metaverse. With more blockchain games coming into the space, it is getting harder for investors to make the right bet given the amount of noise in the market. With deep research, proactive community engagement and operational excellence, PathDAO aims to become the top-performing Metaverse asset investment and management organisation — creating superior return for $PATH holders. Play-to-earn economy has transformed the lives of many in the developing world. PathDAO wants to provide our scholars with the best earning opportunities, a family across local communities and the opportunities to grow professionally within a gaming guild. Most scholars in developing world are unbanked, without access to healthcare insurance, investment opportunities and financing facilities. PathDAO, as a gaming guild, is best-positioned to bring a whole suite of financial products to the unbanked. Imagine a scholar could now get access to healthcare insurance and a 20% APY on Anchor protocol? 2022 will be the year of blockchain games. The competition among games for players will be fierce. PathDAO aims to be the distribution channel and partner of top blockchain gaming ecosystems, providing games with investment capital, operational excellence and player liquidity. To summarise, we focus on Investing in blockchain-based game assets; Building a play-to-earn gamer community; Bringing fintech / DeFi products to the unbanked scholars in developing world; Creating a distribution platform for blockchain games, innovative blockchain & NFT projects.

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