Peng Zhong

Peng Zhong

Formerly CEO of Ignite.


Peng Zhong Introduction

Peng Zhong was formerly CEO of Ignite, leading a world-class team that builds intuitive solutions for individuals, organizations, and global communities to engage with blockchain technology. Peng was the first employee at Tendermint, a core contributor of the Cosmos ecosystem, joining as Chief Design Officer in 2015 before becoming CEO in May 2020. He has since rebranded the company to Ignite in February 2022 and uses his background in interaction design and front-end engineering to focus on guiding blockchain technology across the chasm to the mainstream. His strong experience in product design and go-to-market strategies from conception through engineering, positions him with a robust understanding of feature prioritization, delivery, and scaling to meet the evolving needs of the world. He also advises founders on building sustainable blockchain organizations in the Cosmos ecosystem. Peng believes that breakthrough applications of blockchain technology will insert themselves into every aspect of our daily lives, with far-reaching implications in efficiency, transparency, and security. In his spare time, Peng enjoys traveling, meeting new people, and trying new cuisines from around the world.

Peng Zhong Work Experience