Peter Watts, CTO at Props.

Peter Watts

CTO at Props.

Peter Watts Introduction

Peter Watts is CTO at Props. Formerly, Platform Lead at YouNow, Inc., Founder of Peter Watts was the resident polymath at YouNow, in charge of research & development, blockchain integrations, and the platform ecosystem. Since joining in 2014, he was worn many hats, building the web app, running product on core features and starting the growth team. Peter is a self-taught software engineer who cut his teeth in the music industry, building apps for bands and music venues. In 2011, he co-founded, a music discovery company and early partner on the Spotify App Platform. Peter likes to spend his weekends hacking on new ideas. After moving to New York from Sydney, he lived entirely off hackathon winnings for a year, while bootstrapping his first company.

Peter Watts Work Experience