Aligning with unstoppable founders to build the next generation companies.


pillar Introduction

We believe we can only build the next generation of Pillar companies if we form a trusted partnership with founders of the companies we back. From our investment terms to the capabilities and support we provide, our mission is to align every step we take, every decision we make with the interests of entrepreneurs, right from the start. As early-stage investors, many of our companies are ideas beginning to take flight; so we are investing in the people, the founders. We look for unstoppable founders who know how to blow through walls. Founders who rally people around their vision for the future and have the ability to create a swell of momentum around a market-transforming idea. We co-founded Pillar with a group of 17 world-class executives, who have built some of the most substantial companies in Boston with a combined total of more than $30B in enterprise value. All are investors in our fund, and are active as hands-on advisors, mentors and board members to our entrepreneurs. An investment from Pillar is an investment from them. Our partners are serial entrepreneurs with decades of operating experience in high-growth start-ups. We know what it’s like to build a team, a product, a community of customers. We know what it’s like to pour your time, energy and resources into scaling your company. That’s why we’re so committed to helping you align with the people and capabilities you need to win.

pillar Team

Katie Mulligan