Distribute the ownership of the DAO in the form of tokens.

PleasrDAO Introduction

Even though most of its members have never met, and some of them remain anonymous, PleasrDAO has a philosophy. PleasrDAO distributes the ownership of the DAO in the form of tokens. That gives every member a fraction of its assets—the two NFTs and any funds in the treasury. Each member participates in the DAO’s governance through a group chat. And if someone were to exit the DAO, their token would be up for grabs internally. “A lot of members would be thrilled to buy it,” Jamis Johnson, the chief pleasing officer of PleasrDAO. He coordinates and manages the strategy of PleasrDAO; his tongue-in-cheek title is “pretty much the CEO role, but more fun.” After buying the Snowden NFT, PleasrDAO’s future direction is still amorphous. But the three spokes of the wheel will be art collection, angel investment, and incubation.

PleasrDAO Team

Jamis Johnson
Tarun Chitra
Matt Condon
Mariano Conti
Santiago Roel Santos
Cooper Turley