A Cross-Chain Oracle focused towards NFT Privacy for Everything.


PolkaCipher Introduction

PolkaCipher is a Cross-chain Oracle focused towards NFT Privacy for Businesses, Community Governance, Multi-Chain Interoperability and On-Chain DeFi Apps. PolkaCipher is a cross-chain privacy preserving project in the Polkadot ecosystem. Our primary aim is to expand the applications of NFTs & DeFi and its usecase in business settings and to increase the reach of Web3 applications in blockchain economies via a seamless integration to our project, privately. We intend to bridge the gap between an off-chain internet economy and on-chain blockchain decentralized applications using PolkaCipher that relies on verified vendors to provide accurate and trusted data. PolkaCipher, when ready, will be community owned and fully decentralized. PolkaCipher is new-age tech that is completely decentralized with the aim of working towards commercialization of NFTs for web3 apps. At PolkaCipher, we believe privacy is not a choice, but a right and our products will ensure that privacy of users and providers will be protected through our solutions in the upcoming time of digitization. Our products will help push usecases of NFTs further in the real-world economy where it can be used for a host of services. Our cross-chain functions will ensure that no matter which blockchain you use, you will still have a way to access our platform and use at it's full potential. NFTs are recently being used as store of digital art, and most people are not aware of it's full potential - We at Polkacipher aim to change that.

PolkaCipher Investors