Pollen, DAO platform and DeFi asset management protocol.


DAO platform and DeFi asset management protocol.


Pollen Introduction

Pollen is a decentralized portfolio management organization, a DeFi asset index and a liquidity provider. It uses governance protocols and perfectly aligned interests to re-calibrate and optimise based on market conditions. We’re building a set of DAOs with different participation strategies, built it on top of the Ethereum, operating as a decentralised organisation. The Pollen name is based on the Fable of the bees and the idea, that through honest cooperation and mutual efforts which result in mutual profits (or losses) community will thrive. Metaphorically, Pollen’s success is a result of the everyday work of bees (members) by collecting the “nectar” from the crypto market. Pollen is a decentralized organization for effectively managing crypto asset portfolios. One of the goals of Pollen’s implementation is to create an index of Ethereum-based assets that can be used as risk-diversified collateral in the DeFi ecosystem, allowing to replace huge over-collateralization in some cases. It will also act as a curated list of assets and views regarding their weights, presented by our community. Our hypothesis is the follows — the higher will be the capitalization of Pollen, the more accurate the selection of assets and their weights in the composition of this curated Pollen index.

Pollen Investors