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Poolz Ventures

Poolz Establishes Poolz Ventures to Invest in Selected Projects.


Poolz Ventures Introduction

Poolz Establishes Poolz Ventures to Invest in Selected Projects to enable them to scale efficiently. Poolz has grown tremendously in the months that followed its launch. We have today reached a place where we are capable of helping other promising projects successfully build and deploy groundbreaking projects. Our aim has always been to push forward the growth of the entire crypto and DeFi space. This is why we have carved out multiple ways in which we intend to help rising crypto projects. As is obvious, we will of course help crypto projects supported by Poolz Ventures to conduct their IDOs on the cross-chain IDO platform Poolz. With our industry-wide connection, we will help projects get the best investors, partners, and influencers so they can expand to the best of their capabilities. One of the major aspects of working on a cryptocurrency and blockchain project is to build a resilient and efficient product. This requires a significant amount of industry knowledge as well as technical expertise. With Poolz Ventures, we will also support teams with our technical expertise so they can build their product from the ground up. Additionally, Poolz Ventures will also ensure that projects we work with get the best advisors. These advisors will use their prior experiences to guide the projects through every obstacle and promote faster growth for their product in all aspects. Overall, our target is to help the high-potential crypto projects attain success in the long term. And we aim to work with that same intent and motivation and build a relationship with them that lasts for extended periods. As we embark on this new journey, we hope to help as many projects as possible to attain the greatest heights of success and we look forward to an amazing future of the crypto space.

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