A decentralized data storage and delivery platform.

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PPIO Introduction

A decentralized data storage and delivery platform for developers who value speed, affordability, and privacy in data storage and distribution. It consists of a wide range of bandwidth and storage contributors.

PPLabs is a global technology community initiated by former PPLive Chief Architect Wayne Wong and Founder Bill Yao.

PPLabs'​ founding team successfully developed PPLive, which is the world‘s only P2P data storage and transmission network that operates on more than 500 million nodes. The operation cost of PPLive is one tenth of that of traditional network. PPLive successfully reached 40PB in P2P storage capacity and continues to supply about 10TB of bandwidth resources through 1% of user resources.

PPLabs'​ founding team has deep technical understanding and rich practical experience in the field of P2P network design and efficient data transmission technologies. By leveraging the experience, PPIO's P2P network is designed to be a robust, scalable and high-performing data storage and transmission system.

At present, PPlabs has attracted talents from Alibaba, IBM, Huawei and high profile security companies. Our community members are worldwide spreaded. Most of them are from major areas such Silicon Valley, Singapore, Shanghai, China and other places.

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