Project Citadel

Project Citadel

Unstoppable protocols deserve unstoppable access.


Project Citadel Introduction

Citadel, Unstoppable protocols deserve unstoppable access. Your desktop client tailor-made for Solana protocols. We realized there were big holes in tooling. Back then Solana SDKs were lacking, so we started by building Solnet as our submission. We kept building supporting tooling for the ecosystem - Solnet.Serum, Solnet.Pyth, Solnet.Mango. A desktop application built using dotnet, Avalonia, our several Solnet.* libraries, and aggregated data from on-chain sources - Mango, Serum and Pyth - and a couple of 3rd party providers - CoinGecko and Bonfida. The base inspiration for Project Citadel boils down to the slight annoyance that is the current DeFi ecosystem. Not only do you need to have several bookmarks to visit all your favorite project apps but you still end up relying on the good old spreadsheet to sum it all up. To add to this, we realized that the entire DeFi ecosystem is also relying on the current Web2 not having any downtime nor being censored by central powers.

Project Citadel Investors