Leading investment firm in China, currently manage four funds with over $1 billion.

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QimingVC Introduction

Qiming has established ourselves as a leading investment firm in China and currently manage four funds with over $1 billion in assets.

Founded in 2006, Qiming Venture Partners is a leading China venture capital firm with offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Seattle, Boston and San Francisco Bay Area. Currently Qiming Venture Partners manages seven US Dollar funds and five RMB funds with over US$4 billion assets under management.

Qiming Venture Partners is a top-tier VC firm with outstanding reputation. Qiming has been widely recognized by investors from around the world and has become an ideal VC firm for entrepreneurs. With our exceptional investment performances, Qiming has won multiple world-renowned venture capital awards.

Our professional investment team consists of founders, entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, doctors, consultants, and financial experts. We have extensive experiences in building and operating a business. We are happy to share our experiences and resources with entrepreneurs.

Qiming strives to be the investor of choice for top entrepreneurs in China. For the past decades, we seized the opportunity of changing world with technologies. We have invested in companies that later become industry unicorns and listed companies, which delivered excellent returns for our LP investors. Since our debut, we have backed over 310 fast-growing and innovative companies across China in the TMT, healthcare sectors. Over 60 companies are already listed on NYSE, NASDAQ, Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, HKEx and Gretai Securities Market or achieved exit through M&A. There are also nearly 30 portfolio companies that have been recognized as unicorns in the industry. Many of our portfolio companies are today’s most influential brands in their respective sectors, including Xiaomi (01810.HK),Meituan Dianping(03690.HK), Megvii, UBTech, Zhihu, Meitu (01357.HK), Bilibili (NASDAQ:BILI), CooTek(CTK.US), Hexing (603556.SH), CSD (603903.SH), HyperStrong, Qiniu Cloud, WeRide.ai, Tigermed (300347.SZ), Gan & Lee, Zai Lab (NASDAQ:ZLAB), CanSino(06185.HK),Tellgen (300642.SZ), AmoyDx (300685.SZ), Berry Genomics (000710.SZ), Venus, WeDoctor Group,Sinocelltech, Shulan Health, APT Medical, Sanyou Medical, etc.

We always fully respect entrepreneurs. We are entrepreneurs’ companions along their way of achieving dreams and building great companies. We leverage our industry resources to provide a broad range of support to entrepreneurs.

We have built a unique Qiming ecosystem that can provide value-added services to portfolio companies, which creates beautiful chemistries between our portfolio companies. More and more new investments are made from the upstream or downstream of our portfolio companies, or from the recommendations of the portfolio companies. Increasing more of our portfolio companies started to cooperate intensively with each other.

We help entrepreneurs make strategically critical decisions. When entrepreneurs are at a crossroads, we do our best to help them choose the right direction. We share industry insights with entrepreneurs so that they can better navigate the business world.

We share our industry resources to entrepreneurs. Our extensive network in both East and West enables entrepreneurs with diversified resources, which helps them optimize their business model and become an industry leader.

We help portfolio companies build strong teams and provide them with consulting support. We help entrepreneurs improve the leadership capacities and find their core team members to become long-term partners. We can connect entrepreneurs with management, finance, legal, and marketing professionals. We value important milestones such as financing, IPOs and M&As. We respect entrepreneurs with their own choices regarding the timing, location and approaches of financial activities. We work hand-in-hand with entrepreneurs, help them select the appropriate intermediaries, and sort out the strategic positioning, market scale, business structure and growth potential for the companies.

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