Connect to real-time blockchain data from 20+ protocols.


QT Introduction

Anyone building products and services with blockchain data needs access to reliable read/write nodes. Nodes are the access points into the entire ecosystem. But developing and managing decentralized and resilient node infrastructure in-house is not a simple task, especially when trying to support a diverse range of blockchain protocols. Relying on a provider that rate-limits data usage, or only supports a few networks, is not an option for many businesses that anticipate rapid growth. QT by Bison Trails, is designed for companies and entrepreneurs facing these challenges as they build secure Web 3.0 applications today. Bison Trails makes it incredibly easy to have secure, highly available access to read/write node infrastructure on multiple blockchain protocols. QT connects off-chain systems like banking or trading products and services to blockchain data. QT node infrastructure makes it easy for anyone building a wide range of Web 3.0 applications to validate transactions, obtain information about them (query), and write data such as transfers or smart contract interactions (transactions). Designed for the demands of businesses and enterprises that require high throughput, high availability, and dedicated infrastructure, our QT infrastructure product provides enterprise-grade security, near-infinite redundancy, and authenticated API access to blockchain data on multiple protocols. 40+ networks are now supported on the Bison Trails platform for our Participation + QT products.

QT Investors