Rabbids Token

Rabbids Token

Fun! Grab and collect all the Rabbids Tokens!


Rabbids Token Introduction

Rabbids Token, Fun! Grab and collect all the Rabbids Tokens! Rabbids Tokens are like the Rabbids themselves: mischievous, unpredictable and elusive! They transform every time they get a new owner. Catching them is easy and for a good cause — you make a donation to UNICEF when you nab one from its owner! Ubisoft Strategic Innovation Lab’s mission is to help Ubisoft anticipate the future. It’s a think-and-do tank that analyses technological, social and business trends to identify opportunities for innovation and explore the possibilities through prototypes and projects with internal and external partners. This exploratory role enables Ubisoft to gauge the potential of innovative ideas before possibly incorporating them into the business on a larger scale.

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